NVJ: 'Censuur Facebook na naaktfoto 'volstrekt absurd'

De Nederlandse Vereniging van Journalisten (NVJ) heeft de blokkade van Rijnmond op Facebook hard veroordeeld. "Dit is precies de zorg die wij hebben over dit soort grote social mediapartijen", zegt Thomas Bruning, algemene secretaris van de NVJ.

Bepaalde functies van de Facebook-pagina van Rijnmond werden woensdagochtend ingetrokken na het plaatsen van een artikel met een omstreden naaktfoto van de 22-jarige Lotte uit Hoogvliet. Die foto werd dit weekend van haar Instragram verwijderd. Volgens Lotte zou dat komen doordat ze "een maatje meer" heeft.


So yesterday I posted a picture and it got deleted, twice. Because it was going against community guidelines; it was naked and/or performed sexual acts. Yes I was naked but everything was covered, my vagina was literally covered by my belly and my arm was covering all of my boobs. (Cant show you the original because Instagram will delete, but it was the same as this one but then without underwear and butterflies) But still it got deleted. They also threatened to delete my account if I do this repeatedly. I was angry, furious. Because you couldnt see one damn nipple or pussy on my picture but there are account where there are pussy and nipples being seen. Such as @white (swipe to see what kind of images I’m talking about, when some of my followers told me they reported these picture IG said it wasnt going against any community guidelines ?? ), first of all I am all in for Sharing this type of content but what isnt fair is that these skinny bodies are allowed to be litteraly naked on Instagram and my fat body isnt allowed BEING COVERED and naked on Instagram. If they really changed the “rules” then it should be for everyone and not just fat people. So we can all conclude this was a fatphobic act. I dont know if I have a reporter again, but I really think its Instagram itself since they also explicit deleted the part of my story in which I told them I was going to hang them on their testicles. ?? What makes me angry most of all is that a Kylie Jenner can post pictures like this, her playboy pictures are all over Instagram, thats FINE. But what isnt fine is that the other party, hi thats me, who wants to positively represent fat bodies on Instagram isnt allowed to do so. There should be ONE line. Not Grey. But black or white. For everybody or nobody. Thank you for coming to my Ted. Mic drop. (Oh and if people really do report my pictures; GET A LIFE!!)

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